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ELIS Free Courses

Cybervidyapeeth Foundation

By: Cyber Vidypeeth Foundation

Cyber Security is a serious system engineering problem and it needs engineered solutions. This is a crisis situation and world needs a serious intervention to create millions of cyber defenders with deep system engineering skills. Shortages in the Cyber Défense Engineering Talent pool are causing an uncontrollable torrent of cyber- attacks the world over with no respite.


By: Zaphire Information Technology and Services Private Limited

Zaphire is the world’s first all-video social hiring platform built with a mission t$

Information Gathering Fundamentals

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

Information Gathering plays a significant role in the Cybersecurity domain. It's one of the five fundamental pillars of the attacking cycle. This course teaches you about gathering valuable information about web sites, people, email id and images. Cyber crimes have been rapidly increasing, this course will give you a glimpse, how easy it is for hackers to hack into our devices.

Intrusion Detection System - IDS Setup

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

Intrusion Detection System is a setup implemented for monitoring, detecting any malicious activity or policy violation within a corporate server. This course will enable you to set up your own IDS over servers and to detect threats. Starting from scratch, it's an advanced course for corporate security.

Exploring Wide Scope of MITRE ATT&CK

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

In this course, you will understand all you need to know about MITRE ATT&CK Framework and its various applications. You will understand concepts such as Cyber Kill Chain, APT, IoCs and how Cyber Threat Intel works, Pyramid of Pain and how to perform Red Team Assessment.

Session Management Vulnerability

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

Session Management Vulnerability is an example of advanced web application attacks and prevention. Hackers and attackers play with Sessions Id and cookies to bypass different authentication mechanisms. This course is a perfect fit for you to discover the probabilities of your site getting hacked due to such bugs.

Masterguide To C Programming Level 1

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

Learn the basics and fundamentals of C Programming which is essential to understand computer internal architecture and software development. This is a beginner friendly course designed and it's great to add in your resume. A simple but yet more powerful language with various probabilities to discover. Enroll now for free

Basics of Incident Response Handling

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

This course is specifically focused to understand the very basics of Incident Response. Although Incident Response is a big picture in reality, this course will provide a clear visibility for understanding the fundamentals of Incident Response and explore the corporate security domain. You will understand each phase of the Incident Response Cycle, starting from Preparation Phase, Detection & Analysis, Containment & Eradication & Post Incident Activity.

Digital Forensics Fundamentals

By: Virtual Cyber Labs

This course is specifically targeted for beginners who want to understand different verticals of Digital Forensics. In this course, you will understand the roots of Digital Forensics. This course will act as a strong conceptual base for the ones who want to enter the domain of Digital Forensics. We will understand core base concepts such as Digital Evidence Lifecycle, information about various sources of digital evidence, data acquisition guide and more.

Search Engine Optimization

By: SRPM Management and Services OPC Pvt Ltd

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The process of improving your website to increase visibility on search engines. When people search any products or services related to your business.

Social Media Optimization

By: SRPM Management and Services OPC Pvt Ltd

SMO stands for Social media optimization. In Simple terms use a social Media network for managing awareness of new products, services or Brand to reach end customers related to your business.

Course Paid Marketing (Facebook + Google)

By: SRPM Management and Services OPC Pvt Ltd

AdWords is a service that enables businesses to display and search ads within Google search results and other advertising networks. It works on Pay per Click Model.

Graphic Designing

By: SRPM Management and Services OPC Pvt Ltd

Graphic designing mainly uses the art of visual communication of image and text combination to develop any product or services or brand. To convey brand message to potential customers in an appropriate manner.

MS Excel

By: SRPM Management and Services OPC Pvt Ltd

Microsoft Excel is a helpful and powerful program for data analysis and documentation. It is a spreadsheet program, which contains a number of columns and rows, where each intersection of a column and a row is a “cell.” Each cell contains one point of data or one piece of information.

mLibrary Premium

By: Knimbus Online Pvt. LTD

Knimbus mLibrary provides your Library a one-stop solution with integrated tools like Off- Campus Access, Universal Search, Mobile App, Librarian Dashboard and Reporting so that your users can seamlessly access the digital resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. Knimbus mLibrary helps transform your library for a digital future with its comprehensive digital Library platform, modern interface and powerful administration tools, backed by a strong customer service

spitVR (Solar Panel Installation Training- Virtual Reality)

By: WoWExp Technologies

spitVR is a VR product meant for educating the folks enthusiastic about solar energy. It is a Virtual Reality platform, where the learners go through a simulation environment to understand and experience the various concepts and practical events involved in solar energy fundamentals and solar panel design, manufacturing & installation.

OpenEDG Education Partner Program – Free Python/C/C++/JavaScript courses

By: Open Education and Development Group (OpenEDG)

OpenEDG Education Partner Program is a free, educational program offered to schools, universities, educational establishments, non-governmental organizations, and training companies. The program has been designed to help students acquire the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue successful and well-paid careers in computer programming, IT, and related areas.

Test yourself in key finance skills

By: Equity Levers

If you are a finance aspirant, we invite you to participate in an innovative practical skills competition in this lock down period of April – June 2021.

Coursera for Campus Basic

By: Coursera

Introduce your students to world-class content and hands-on projects today. With the Coursera for Campus Basic plan, you can provide job-relevant online learning for up to 20,000 students at your institution.

Ethical Hacking - SQL Injection Attack

By: Codered

SQL Injection (SQLi) refers to an injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious SQL statements (also commonly referred to as a malicious payload) that control a web application’s database server

Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage

By: Codered

Today's data center and cloud environments have converged infrastructures and management tools, and with the advent of virtualization technologies like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, external SAN and NAS storage is becoming a standard.

A Practical Introduction to Cloud Computing

By: Codered

The 2nd top hit for 'Cloud Computing' on Google says, 'Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.'Unfortunately, that definition is completely wrong.

Build Your Own NetApp Storage Lab, for Free

By: Codered

This course walks you through how to build a fully ready and complete NetApp simulator lab from scratch, using NetApp’s latest operating system ONTAP 9.

Python for Absolute Beginners

By: Codered

If you want to learn how to program, you will LOVE this course! It’s been designed for complete beginners with little to no understanding of programming and will give you the knowledge to get started coding using Python 3.

Website Hosting for Beginners Panel with SiteGround Account

By: Codered

This course is a beginner’s starter guide for getting started with hosting your own website. Whether you are looking to set up hosting for a WordPress site or you want to develop your own website, this course is perfect to teach you the basics.

Free Hosted Website on GitPages and Simple Git Guide

By: Codered

This course is designed as a starter course to demo how to set up a free hosted website within GitPages. It covers the basics of Git and how it works.

Cybersecurity for Businesses - The Fundamental Edition

By: Codered

This course is designed to give you the tools you need to begin with the task of protecting your business or company. Understanding these key concepts is the foundation for protecting businesses of all shapes and sizes

edX is offering up to 5000 free licenses to every university that allows unlimited certifications from edX Online Campus Essentials catalog of 100+ courses.

By: edX

edX is offering up to 5000 free licenses to every university that allows unlimited certifications from edX Online Campus Essentials catalog of 100+ courses.

Microsoft Learn Courses

By: Microsoft

Free access to all students and educators to learn the latest MS technologies – over 900 modules – ranging from Python, C#, .Net, cloud computing, Azure, Modern workplace, Teams, AI and much more.

Great Learning Courses

By: Great Learning

Get Free Certificate on course completion, quiz assesment, unlimited free access to Live sessions.