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ProTeen is a web and mobile platform that help students identify their personal strengths and interests matching them to real world professions where they would be likely to succeed. While an academic degree or qualification may be enough to land students their first job, it is rarely enough to help them progress in their careers. ProTeen is the 21st century tool for students to identify their true abilities and build skills that can be adapted to a changing employment landscape. It helps students to differentiate themselves and get ahead in a highly competitive workplace.

Students will be able to avail for FREE the following on ProTeen:

a. Free online registration (Web/Android/iOS) - Use Code "AICTE" during registration

b. Free online assessment of 24 parameters of Aptitude, Personality, M and 12+ Interests

c. Free online and personalized results of their Strengths and Interests

d. Free online and personalized match with over 600+ career paths

e. Free online information of over 600+ career paths

f. Free career quiz for over 600+ careers

g. Free Pre-Placement Training Cool Tool Tips (To prepare for campus interviews)

h. Free Orientation on 21st Century Skilling based on the WEF's Top 15 Global Skills

i. Free Qualification for Flexible Work From Home Certification Internships

Students from any AICTE affiliated institutes or courses of learning. Suggest users to use code AICTE when they register on item 6

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