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Zaphire is the world’s first all-video social hiring platform built with a mission to make hiring fast, fair and fun. From automated video resume to augmented reality search, Zaphire puts technology and innovation at the forefront to change how we access opportunities. Built for Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen A, Zaphire is the LinkedIn of the future and is the TikTok for job search.

12 years and above in age

  • iPhone with iOS version 13 and above
  • Android phone with Android OS version 7.0 and above with good memory
  • Web-version will be available soon in 2022
  • Name: Santhana Krishnan
    Mobile Number: +91 – 84899 29816
    Email ID:

    Zaphire Information Technology and Services Private Limited

    Zaphire’s key focus:

  • Extend reach to towns and rural communities. Breaking the location and network barrier bringing national and international job access to remote colleges across India
  • Making job search equitable by providing an all-mobile experience with no dependency on a computer to create a paper resume or to search for opportunities
  • Develop future leaders with the Zaphire ambassador program and build a network amongst students nationally and internationally.