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Certified Lean Practitioner Course


In addition to an academic qualification, organizations want employees who can contribute to the job from the day of joining. Lean Manufacturing & Lean tools are the most effective methodologies that help organizations to eliminate waste in their processes. Developed & evolved in the 1950’s by Toyota, it has remained Toyota’s secret of continued success for the last 70 years. Lean methodologies have helped organizations to save millions of dollars in their operations.

This course is designed such that a fresh student can play a very important role to achieve substantial cost-reductions in the organization’s operations.

The trainer for this course is an international figure and an alumnus of IIT-Bombay, IIM Calcutta.

All the lectures are video-recorded in a very clear manner, with practical examples from industry. The student will also be provided a PDF copy of the notes.

Students from any AICTE affiliated institutes or courses of learning can join.

Computer/laptop with internet connectivity (Browser: Google Chrome recommended) OR Smartphone (Android or iOS) with internet connectivity. Dedicated learning app available on google play & Apple Store

Name: Mr. Ravi Kulmutkar
Mobile Number: +91-9175009387
Email ID:

Email id for escalation:

Asian Institute of Quality Management (A dive. of Vijigeeshu QMS Pvt. Ltd.)

Last Date : 30th June 2020 +2 month extra for studies & submission of quiz & assignment