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HTML: The First Step for Absolute Beginners


• Yes!! this is the first course you should start with when think of developing web pages by yourself.
• Yes!! this is the right course for you if you are absolute beginner.
• Yes!! this is the right course for you even if you don't ever touched programming.
• Yes!! this is the right course if you don't have any IT background.
• Yes!! this course will teach you in very simple steps how to develop your first web page using HTML. Even if you have only 10% ( yes ten ) of trusting your abilities, it is enough to enjoy the course.
• Remember, everything in this life could seems difficult at the first seconds, but by keep going and practice, nothing will be difficult.

• Your passion :)
• Able to use a PC at a beginner level
• Able to understand lessons in English
• Having internet connection with web browser. It is preferred to use Google Chrome, but not compulsory
• It is preferred to work in Windows environment
• No need to have any experience. It is my job to build it for you :)
• We will install the development software together. Don't worry
• Again, your passion :)

• Simpliv online training platform and courses are compatible with all the web browsers running on Windows®, Mac, and Chrome OS.
• We recommend using with the current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
• We also recommend downloading our SIMPLIV mobile APP from Google play store and Apple (IOS) store for better and user-friendly access.

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