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Integrated Educational and Learning Program

Integrated Educational and Learning Program: targeted to technical graduates in the Prefinal/ final year of BE/B-Tech/ MCA/ BCA and allied Engineering Streams.

Integrated Educational and Learning Program (Non-Tech Track) targeted to Non-Tech graduates in the Prefinal/ final year of MBA, BBA andB.Sc.


IEDP is conceptualized in consultations with our Key Partners and is aimed at solving one of the biggest challenges faced by corporates for upskilling the Engineering Graduates/Non-Tech Graduates of country.

The course prepares the candidate on Soft skills like Business communication, Email Writing Skills, Numerical aptitude, Critical Thinking Test and alsoprepares the candidate with Technical skills like Java, Python, AI & Machine learning, Selenium, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

All candidates are prepared with Interviewing Skills and Industry connect with CEOs of companies.

By measuring the actual skills of students, Key Gap areas and Benchmarking against the actual industry requirement the student is diagnosed, assessed and tailored learning program is delivered.

Delivering tailored learning programs for students for outcome-based learning where the end objective is to prepare the candidate for Job Interview and land them a job based on competencies/ Strengths.

The learning Platform cum assessment program delivers personalized learning experience based on candidate profile and continuous learning module spread over 6 Months / 9 months Duration

Provide completion certificate and assessment report at the end of the academic session and connect the successful graduates to prospective employers from our talent connect program. The participating recruiters use our scores to pre-screen the candidate and call the prospective student for an interview.

The student needs to be in a pre-final year or final year of Science, Technology, engineering, and management for IEDP Tech Track

Final and Pre final year student of Non Tech viz. MBA, BBA and B.Sc for IEDP Non-Tech Program

The latest version of Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 10.

Minimum internet speed of 2 Mbps to access the learning content

Laptop/desktop with Camera functionality to take the proctored assessment and ask a question ( Not Mandatory )

Name: Nirmal Singh, CEO, Wheebox
Mobile Number: +91 – 9999799975
Email ID:


Last Date : Currently, admissions are on for the first batch. We are admitting students through an all India internet basedscholarship test to be held on 24th April and this will be open for AICTE students till 30th May,2020.

IEDP is an outcome of ‘India Skills Report’that is powered by Wheebox where companies from 16 industries provide their feedback on hiring intent and need for their internal hiring. IEDP is mapped in accordance and in partnership withlarge employers from hig employment sectors or industries.