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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing has emerged as one of the leading marketing concepts that focus on the marketing of products and services, along the online platform based on the application of digital gadgets. The emergence and development of the Digital Marketing concept has helped the business institutions to become increasingly consumer responsive in nature. The course would enable students to understand the manner in which activities associated with customer communication are carried out in a multi-channel environment. Further, the course would also help the students recognise Digital Marketing as a significant aspect of the strategic marketing framework of an organisation The Digital Marketing Course encompasses different sub-topics like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics and also the Planning of Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns. The Digital Marketing course will help students gain an in-depth knowledge associated to the different concepts. The course would also help the students in constructing a strategic framework that would help in both assessing and implementing the different tactics of digital marketing. Further, the students, enrolling into the Digital Marketing course, would also gain an understanding regarding the application of the digital marketing tactics for the fulfilment of the strategic business objectives of the firm. Different types of Caselet based studies are also incorporated within the course for helping the students in understanding the practical implementation of the Digital Marketing concepts. The pedagogy of the Digital Marketing course would be developed based on the involvement of PPT, Class Notes, Caselets, Videos and also Assignments.

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