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Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage


Today's data center and cloud environments have converged infrastructures and management tools, and with the advent of virtualization technologies like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, external SAN and NAS storage is becoming a standard. It's no longer possible to get by as an IT professional by knowing only servers, networking or storage, you need an understanding of all three for your career to thrive.

A basic knowledge of computer networks. No previous storage knowledge is necessary.

Internet Browsers: Firefox 58.0+, Google Chrome 65.0+, Safari 10.0+

Internet Connection: Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps
Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 8+, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 8+, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.1+
Browser Support: HTML5 compatible

Windows System Requirements (Minimum)

Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher with latest updates installed
Processor: 500MHz or faster RAM: 128MB or more
Video Card: Minimum requirement: 128MB of video memory
Sound Card: Minimum requirement: 16-bit

Mac System Requirements (Minimum)

Operating System:: Mac OS X 10.3+
Processor: 1.83 MHz Intel Core Duo
RAM: 128 MB or more
Video Card: Minimum requirement: 64 MB of video memory
Sound Card: Minimum requirement: 16-bit

Name: T. Jose Kurian
Mobile: 9841029918


Students will be able to develop beginner level skills on a wide range of technologies. They can get started with programming, web hosting, master cyber security fundamentals and even learn basic hacking techniques.

21st March 2021