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MSC Apex


MSC Apex


MSC Apex Modeler

MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification and meshing workflow. The solution features sophisticated and interactive tools that are easy to use and easy to learn.

MSC Apex Structures

MSC Apex Structures is an add-on product which expands MSC Apex Modeler functionality with capabilities for linear structural analysis.

MSC Apex Generative Design

MSC Apex Generative Design is the fully automated generative design solution built on the most intuitive CAE environment in the world, MSC Apex. It exploits all the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn features of MSC Apex while employing the most innovative generative design engine in the background. The software delivers a new and innovative approach for design optimization which overcomes the constraints of classical topology optimization techniques and dramatically decreases the effort required in the design optimization workflow

Engineering Design Basic Understanding

Basic Understanding of FEM & Simulation

Basic Understanding of Mechanics

Welcome to the MSC Software Platform Support Web Site. The information below will provide details on the current and future supported platform for MSC's suite of CAE products.

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