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Test yourself in key finance skills


If you are a finance aspirant, we invite you to participate in an innovative practical skills competition in this lock down period of April – June 2021. We offer a simulation-based finance competition where candidates will be required to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and get an exposure of how real-world finance operations takes place. Get insights about what core finance skills will be required for your dream job and measure your level of preparedness with the competition. Happy preparation and testing. These are similar to selection tests taken by employers/ recruiters to test finance skills and also are routinely used in finance competitions. If you are pursuing, BCom, MCom, CA, MBA, Cost Accountancy, financial planner, wealth management courses etc, you will find these tests useful. If you are pursuing engineering or other courses but interested in stocks and mutual fund investment analysis (and hence have basic idea of finance), you will find our tests useful towards building your skills.

Only basic knowledge of accounting and excel is necessary. For understanding excel we provide a primer which you can use to learn.

- windows OS laptop/ computer with intel i3 or above capacity and 4 gb ram

- MS Excel 2013 or later/ office 365

Name: Badri Narayanan

Equity Levers

Registration opens now and you should complete before end of June 30, 2021

The free offer enables access upto 10 free tests with about 50 simulations which can be taken by students and learners. The tests are of basic and intermediate level and cover accounting, corporate finance, derivatives, fixed incomes, wealth management and personal finance subjects.

By attempting and solving these, you will prepare yourself well for competitions, placement discussions and real work environment.

You may choose any 5 test bundles as per your subject interest. Should you need a record of your work or need additional study material, you will need to access them by subscription.