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spitVR (Solar Panel Installation Training- Virtual Reality)


spitVR is a VR product meant for educating the folks enthusiastic about solar energy. It is a Virtual Reality platform, where the learners go through a simulation environment to understand and experience the various concepts and practical events involved in solar energy fundamentals and solar panel design, manufacturing & installation.

Four sections in the video:

Brief Description of the product - What the product does in brief

Explain your solution - tell about the problems that it will solve and few important features

Show the product - Not the whole user journey but just basic few steps as an overview.

Give a CTA - the next steps for the audience how they can get this

It’s a VR-based informational product, covering the fundamentals, intermediate and advanced knowledge base, sufficient to become a good solar engineer/solar technician. The prerequisites will be as follows:

The program is designed for the students, who are currently pursuing their Trade Certificate/Diploma/Bachelor’s at ITI, Engineering Colleges, and Polytechnic Colleges, irrespective of their current level of the semester.

The candidate must have an interest in the domain of solar energy and solar panels.

Since we are starting from scratch, the basic understanding of solar energy fundamentals will be more than sufficient to kickstart this VR training program.

The infrastructure requirements are as follows: Facilities:
  • Lab space, dedicated for this program ( optional)
  • Trained Faculty
  • Hardware:
  • VR Cardboards(1 per Student)
  • Software:
  • VR App(spitVR)
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Facility
  • Name: Bijit M
    Email ID:

    WoWExp Technologies

    It is the skill development course by leveraging VR technology and it is very much aligned with NEP.

    It is well aligned with trendy industries such as Solar Energy Industry where there are thousands of job opportunities.