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Performance Management and Competency Mapping


Performance Management and Competency Mapping (PMCM) is a Human Resource Management course that has been developed to choose the right candidate for a particular job and also to see that the candidate performs well in his assigned job role. The famous author, Ruskin Bond says, “The highest reward of a person’s hard work is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” Performance Management seeks to satisfy a person’s inner satisfaction and self-esteem, so that the work he does becomes meaningful, enjoyable, and not just a drudgery for money. This course envisions the totality of an organisation’s function, along with its teams and individuals, by ‘organising and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competency requirements’. The students, through this course would develop a knowledge for measuring the performance and expectations from employees over a period of time, gain an idea of how the annual review and appraisal process takes place, to generate the kind of work environment to attract and retain talented workforce in the company. Competency Mapping segment encapsulates the key competencies of an individual or an organisation and shows how to incorporate those competencies through various processes, so that the organisations gain a competitive edge over others with its workforce ability. The students would also gain the ability to identify and map various competencies required in a particular work environment, use the different techniques and tools used to design a Competency Model, use assorted Assessment Center tools and 360 Degrees’ Feedback to identify the highly competent workforce for an organisation.

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