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Online Internship in Financial Analysis Basics


This Internship is designed to have a real-time summer-internship experience from your home itself. There are eight excel based projects (Ex-simulations) that will train and test their skills in excel about analytical ability, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, spotting patterns, generating reports, and so on. Our ex-simulations will also provide students with exposure to a work environment with real-time corporate data.

Ex-simulations will help you to build key aspects of functional proficiency for roles at entry-level in equity research, financial analyst, credit analyst, brokers and sub-brokers, financial planner, investment advisor, wealth manager, MIS executive, business finance analyst, and finance functions in back-offices.

This Internship tests and trains basic level. Brief overview of the Exsimulations to be solved can be found here.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of these projects. To solve the ex-simulations, follow the guidelines as stated below

  1. Go through textbooks that you have studied related to accounting, financial management etc. during the graduation or post-graduation. We also encourage you to visit or such other online sites for solving the projects.
  2. The user must have a personal computer/laptop with windows operating system. Note that the user should have an MS Excel version 15 (2013) or later. Others have to create a parallel desktop using Ex-simulations do not work on mobiles and tablets.

Indian Capstone Simulations (powered by develops simulations that mimic real time work environments in a range of finance and accounting subjects. Each of our simulation is a skill proficiency training and testing module and comes complete with live corporate data, password control, algo scoring along with mistake identification features. We offer our services to colleges and corporates for training and candidate assessments. Our product can be accessed at Our direct to candidate modules can be accessed at We are recommended for use by AICTE in Business Schools. We are subscribed by leading colleges like IIM Ahmedabad, ISB, IIM Lucknow etc

This Internship is suitable for students enrolled in graduate and post graduate programs in finance, accounting, analytics subjects – MBA, PGDM Finance, B Com, Mcom, BMS, CA, CWA, CS, CFA etc.

You are required to read Excel FAQ and Project FAQ before starting your work. Most of your Issues will be solved through the FAQ’s. If you still have queries, you may write to us on whatsapp(Refer the Whatsapp icon available on the website) and we will resolve with 48 hours given Covid shutdown and lean staffing at our end.

Please do not keep more than 1 excel open at a time. Exsimulations may not work. Close 1 before opening another.

There are 8 projects to be solved. The program is to be completed within 1 month from the date you start and is enabled for remote self-work. After this period of 30 days, your access to these projects will cease and cannot be reopened. Upon completion of your work, the excel project will auto assess your work and show your score.You can view the correct answers upon submission of your work on

Solve 1 simulation at a time and keep progressing. Re attempt if you think you can score better - 2 attempts have been enabled.

Score an average of 75% or above. Your certificate will include top 80% of the simulations. View Sample certificate here.