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NI Badge Program

Learn, Earn, and Share with NI Badges


The NI Badge Program helps you accelerate learning and promote your accomplishments. Find learning resources and gain skills related to your projects. Track your knowledge growth with milestone badge assessments. Then share your successes with others on social media and job sites.

1. Complete the online learning modules related to your project / application

2. Select a badge related to your completed learning module and review the available learning resources additionally.

3. Take the free, open-book, untimed assessment.

  • To pass, answer 85 percent of the 15 to 20 questions correctly. You can review your results immediately upon completing the assessment.
  • Missed a question? Review the related learning resources and try again. You can take the assessment more than once
  • Within 24 hours of passing, You will receive a confirmation email from Acclaim with instructions to claim your badge.

4. Earn all the badges in a learning path and receive the high-level badge for that path.

5. Follow instructions from Acclaim to share your badges with others on social media and job sites.

PC or Phone with internet access

Download Software from here

Name: Visweswaran Jagadeesan
Mobile Number: +91-9986028517
Email ID:


Last Date : 31st May 2020

• Get feedback on your learning and uncover next steps in your skill progression.

• Employers, peers, and customers can instantly verify your skills

• You can easily share your achievements on a variety of social media platforms

• You can participate in the NI Badge Program at no additional cost, and acceptance of any badges you are issued is at your discretion.

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