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Emona Remote Lab Experiments in Electronics and Telecommunications

24/7 Access to hands-on, electrical engineering hardware experiments.


Multi-user, 24/7 access to real hardware 100+ experiments in:

  • (i) First and second year Analog and digital electronics circuitstopics, and
  • (ii) Third and fourth yearAnalog and digital telecommunications topics.

For a quick introduction:

For a detailed video demonstration:

For telecoms experiments video demonstration, go to:


A professor at each college/university must contact Emona to be issued a unique username/password pair for their institution.

Professor is to contact: Muralikrishnan Elumalai at

Murali will then reply by email and advise a username/password for the college’s students to use, as well as links to download Student User Manual and Lab Experiments.

The professor can then distribute the selected/required experiments for the course and labs selected by the professor.


The professor can advise the students which experiments are to be completed, and email to the students the relevant lab experiment documents.

Students can then carry out the chosen experiments and complete a Lab Report (e.g in WORD) and insert oscilloscope and screen images of the experiment they have preformed (eg: using WINDOWS Snipping Tool)

PC with internet access and Chrome web browser.

Name: Mr Muralikrishnan
Mobile Number: +91-9884377269
Email ID:


Last Date : 31st May 2020

Download Electronics Circuits Lab Experiments brochures:

Download Telecoms Lab Experiments brochures: